Paris Travel Guide: Best New Paris Restaurants, Bakeries, Wine Bars and More

Writer Jane Sigal hit every arrondissement in Paris in search of culinary brilliance. Here's what she found: sensational restaurants, some in the city's farthest reaches; wine bars with fantastic food; and pâtisseries where the baker is as obsessed with seasonality, inventive flavors and ingredient sourcing as a chef. Rounding out our Paris travel guide: delicious French recipes from three of Sigal's favorite finds and five stunning new hotels.
Paris Travel Guide: Paris Restaurants
© Aya Brackett

Paris Travel Guide:
Best New Paris Restaurants

From haute to casual, the hottest Paris restaurant tables.

Left: At Sola, Japanese chef Hiroki Yoshitake serves elegant dishes like a fennel velouté with citrus oil.

Paris Travel Guide: Paris Wine Bars
Courtesy of Verre Volé

Paris Travel Guide:
Fantastic Paris Wine Bars

Five hot Paris wine bars with amazing wines and food.

Left: Le Verre Volé has a deep selection of natural wines.

Paris Travel Guid: Paris Bakeries
© Toby Glanville

Paris Travel Guide:
Great Paris Bakeries

Trendsetting French boulangeries and pâtisseries.

Left: Neo-boulanger Gontran Cherrier is fond of playing with flavors that would shock the old guard, from squid ink to cumin.

Paris Travel Guide: Paris Hotels
© Dingo/La Societe Anonyme

Paris Travel Guide:
Stunning Paris Hotels

Five fabulously chic new Paris hotels.

Left: After a two-year renovation, Le Royal Monceau-Raffles Paris opened with interiors by Philippe Starck.

Paris Travel Guide: Paris Chocolate Shops
© Aya Brackett

Paris Travel Guide:
Top Paris Chocolate Shops

Six Paris chocolate shops for cutting-edge French sweets.

Left: Marshmallows and more at the Paris chocolate shop Meert.

video Video: Meg Zimbeck & Daniel Rose' Guide to Paris

Wonderful French Dishes:

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