Pairing of the Day Archive: October 2011

Every day, we spotlight a wine that pairs beautifully with an F&W recipe.

October 31, 2011—Swamp Chili (Poblano-and-Spinach Posole)
Pairing: Juicy, spicy Grenache: 2008 Yalumba Bush Vine Grenache.

October 28, 2011—Snack Mix
Pairing: A candy milkshake: Snickers Ice Cream Milk

October 27, 2011—Crêpes Suzette
Pairing: Sauternes: 2009 Château Grillon or 2007 Château Suduiraut.

October 26, 2011—Lyon-Style Chicken with Vinegar Sauce
Pairing: Focused red Burgundy: 2008 Domaine Faiveley Mercurey Rouge.

October 25, 2011—Trout with Preserved Lemons, Raisins and Pine Nuts
Pairing: Zesty California Sauvignon Blanc: 2009 Teira.

October 24, 2011—Warm Bacon-and-Egg Salad
Pairing: Ripe, citrusy Pinot Gris: 2010 J Vineyards California.

October 21, 2011—Roast Beef with Root-Vegetable-and-Green-Peppercorn Salad
Pairing: Peppery Cabernet Franc from the Loire valley: 2009 Bernaud Baudry Chinon Les Granges.

October 20, 2011—Whole Fish Roasted with Potatoes and Thyme
Pairing: Minerally French Sauvignon Blanc: 2010 Philippe Raimbault Les Godons Sancerre.

October 19, 2011—Braised Lamb with Potatoes
Pairing: Spicy Côtes du Rhône: 2008 Domaine de la Vieille Julienne or 2009 Domaine Andezon.

October 18, 2011—Marseille-Style Shrimp Stew
Pairing: Crisp Provençal rosé: 2010 Commanderie de la Bargemone.

October 17, 2011—Curried Cod and Mussels
Pairing: Citrusy Sauvignon Blanc: 2010 Brander.

October 14, 2011—Double-Baked Cheese Soufflé with Parmesan Cream
Pairing: Fresh, green apple–inflected sparkling wine: NV Jean-François Mérieau Bulles.

October 13, 2011—Cider-Maple Pork Chops with Woodland Bitters Compote
Pairing: Herbal, berry-scented Chilean Syrah: 2008 Chono Reserva.

October 12, 2011—Meat-Stuffed Cabbage Cakes
Pairing: Bright, red-berried Russian River Pinot Noir: 2009 Foppiano.

October 11, 2011—Carbonnade à la Flamande (Flemish Beef Stew)
Pairing: Tannic Cabernet Sauvignon: 2008 Château Fantin Bordeaux Supérieur or 2008 Chappellet Mountain Cuvee.

October 10, 2011—Pastrami-and-Mushroom "Hot Dogs"
Pairing: Riesling with laser-like acidity: 2007 Gérard Schueller Riesling Bildstoecklé or 2008 Domaines Schlumberger Les Princes Abbés.

October 7, 2011—Chicken Dijon
Pairing: Full-bodied, fruity California Chardonnay: 2009 Wyatt.

October 6, 2011—Provençal Vegetable Tart
Pairing: Herb-scented Pinot Noir: 2008 Anthill Farms Anderson Valley.

October 5, 2011—Grilled Cheese-and-Bacon Sandwiches with Cheese Curds
Pairing: Full-bodied white Burgundy: 2007 Pierre-Yves Colin-Morey Saint-Aubin 1er cru En Remilly or 2007 Xavier Monnot Monthélie Les Duresses.

October 4, 2011—Warm Shrimp Salad with Kamut, Red Chile and Tarragon
Pairing: Provençal rosé: 2010 Domaine Sainte Lucie MiP.

October 3, 2011—Eggs Baked Over Sautéed Mushrooms and Spinach
Pairing: Fruity Gamay from France's Beaujolais region: 2010 Marcel Lapierre Raisins Gaulois.

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