Pairing of the Day: May 2010

Every day, we spotlight a wine that pairs beautifully with an F&W recipe.

May 28, 2010—Pincho Ribs with Sherry Glaze
Pairing: A Monastrell. Try the 2007 Bodegas Hijos de Juan Gil or 2008 Bodegas Olivares Altos de la Hoya.

May 27, 2010—Fresh-Chorizo-and-Potato Tacos
Pairing: A plummy, peppery Zinfandel. Try the 2008 Shenandoah Vineyards Special Reserve.

May 26, 2010—Chile-Honey-Glazed Salmon with Two Sauces
Pairing: A spicy, cherry-scented Pinot Noir. Try the 2007 Fleur de California Carneros.

May 25, 2010—Crab Rolls with Lemon Aioli
Pairing: A lightly oaked California Chardonnay. Try the 2008 Paul Dolan or 2007 Molnar Family Poseidon's Vineyard.

May 24, 2010—Grilled Tofu Steaks with Piquillo Salsa Verde
Pairing: A juicy Italian rosé. Try the 2008 Cataldi Madonna Cerasuolo.

May 21, 2010—Bucatini all'Amatriciana
Pairing: A medium-bodied Barbera d'Alba. Try the 2007 Cantina Terre del Barolo.

May 20, 2010—Shaking Beef
Pairing: A bright, juicy Beaujolais. Try the 2008 Christophe Pacalet Côte de Brouilly.

May 19, 2010—Crunchy Tofu Tacos
Pairing: A strawberry-scented dry rosé from California. Try the 2009 Sofia.

May 17, 2010—Farfalle with Spring Vegetables
Pairing: A zesty, herbal Sauvignon Blanc. Try the 2009 Mount Nelson Marlborough.

May 14, 2010—Chile-Spiced Skirt Steak Tacos
Pairing: A spicy California red blend. Try the 2008 Hey Mambo Sultry Red.

May 13, 2010—Moroccan Lamb Stew with Noodles
Pairing: A Rhône Valley red. Try the 2007 Jean-Luc Colombo Les Abeilles Côtes du Rhône Rouge or 2008 Château de Saint Cosme Gigondas.

May 12, 2010—Grilled-Chicken Tacos
Pairing: A fruity, berry-rich California Pinot Noir. Try the 2008 Cellar No. 8.

May 11, 2010—Curried Cauliflower and Green Bean Salad with Lemon Yogurt
Pairing: A spicy, melony, Oregon Pinot Gris. Try the 2008 O'Reilly's.

May 10, 2010—Tofu-Salad Sandwiches
Pairing: A crisp, nutty brown ale. Try Newcastle.

May 7, 2010—Ted Allen's Lobster Bouillabaisse
Pairing: A Provençal rosé. Try the 2009 Domaine Houchart or 2009 Domaine du Bagnol.

May 6, 2010—Grilled Vegetable Sandwiches
Pairing: A berry-inflected rosé. Try the 2009 Il Mimo.

May 5, 2010—Crispy Fried-Fish Tacos
Pairing: A margarita made with 100-percent agave tequila, like Patrón Silver.

May 4, 2010—Smoky Ribollita
Pairing: A full-bodied Sangiovese. Try the 2006 Ca' del Solo or 2007 Falesco.

May 3, 2010—Caesar Salad with Crispy Tofu Croutons
Pairing: A zesty Sauvignon Blanc. Try the 2009 Miguel Torres Chile Las Mulas.

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