Pairing of the Day: March 2008

Every day, we spotlight a wine that pairs beautifully with a F&W recipe.


March 31, 2008Lemony Shrimp Salad
Pairing: A somewhat ripe, full-bodied Sauvignon Blanc, like the 2005 Joseph George Sauvignon Blanc

March 28, 2008Lasagna-Style Baked Pennette with Meat Sauce
Pairing: A plummy, rich, full-bodied Italian red, like the 2003 Masi Campfiorin

March 27, 2008Cambodian Chicken-and-Rice Soup with Shrimp
Pairing: A citrusy, off-dry Australian Riesling, like the 2006 Banrock Station Riesling

March 26, 2008Salt-Baked Branzino with Citrus, Fennel and Herbs
Pairing: A crisp white from Italy’s Apulia region, like the 2005 Botromagno Gravino Bianco or the 2005 Cantele Alticelli Fiano

March 25, 2008Duck Confit with Turnips
Pairing: A brawny red, like the 2004 Geyser Peak Walking Tree Cabernet Sauvignon

March 24, 2008Pork and Tomatillo Stew
Pairing: A peppery Syrah blend, like the 2005 Andrew Murray Roasted Slope Syrah

March 21, 2008Pan-Glazed Salmon with Oyster Sauce and Basil
Pairing: A bright, citrusy Albariño, like the 2006 Albariño de FefiRanes

March 20, 2008Rack of Lamb with Rosemary Butter
Pairing: A forceful Loire Cabernet Franc, like the 2005 Charles Joguet Les Petites Roches Chinon or the 2004 Clos Rougeard Saumur-Champigny

March 19, 2008Mini Brioche Lobster Rolls
Pairing: A rich, tropical fruited Chardonnay, like the 2005 White Truck Chardonnay

March 18, 2008Greek Salad Skewers with Anchovy Aioli
Pairing: A floral, complex Greek white, like the 2006 Boutari Moschofilero

March 17, 2008Parmigiano-Crusted Rigatoni with Cauliflower and Prosciutto
Pairing: A a cherry-rich red blend, like the 2005 Capezzana Barco Reale

March 14, 2008Farfalle with Zucchini and Parsley-Almond Pesto
Pairing: An aromatic, apple-inflected Italian white blend, like the 2005 Teruzzi & Puthod Terre di Tufi

March 13, 2008Chicken and Cheese Enchiladas Verdes
Pairing: A spicy, dark-fruited Argentinean Malbec, like the 2005 Mendel Mendoza Valley

March 12, 2008Bagel Chips with Ricotta, Chive Puree and Prosciutto
Pairing: An appley, lively prosecco, like the NV Tenuta di Collalbrigo Brut Prosecco

March 11, 2008Red Curry Peanut Noodles
Pairing: A light-bodied, berry inflected rosé, like the 2006 M. Chapoutier Côtes-du-Rhône Belleruche Rosé

March 10, 2008Ham, Soppressata and Two-Cheese Stromboli
Pairing: A bright, juicy, cherry-inflected Chianti, like the 2005 Badia a Coltibuono Cetamura

March 7, 2008Halibut with Parsley-Lemon Sauce
Pairing: A red from Bordeaux’s Graves region, like the 2003 Château de Callac Cuvée Prestige

March 6, 2008Three-cheese Mini Macs
Pairing: A plummy, full-bodied Merlot, like the 2005 Blackstone Winery Merlot

March 5, 2008Pan-Seared Chicken Breasts with Jamaican Curry
Pairing: A low-alcohol, off-dry Riesling, like the 2006 Seven Hills Columbia Valley Riesling

March 4, 2008Pork Chops with Shallots
Pairing: A Portugese red, like the 2004 Ramos-Pinto Adriano

March 3, 2008Pan-seared Sausages with Apples
Pairing: A full-bodied white from Southern Italy, like the 2005 Aminea Falanghina or 2005 Terredora Fiano di Avellino

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