Oxbow Public Market: Napa’s New Food Mecca

The formerly neglected downtown in the city of Napa is the Valley’s new food frontier. One of its latest draws is the 40,000-square-foot Oxbow Public Market, founded by Steve Carlin, the visionary behind the market at San Francisco’s Ferry Building. Some of Oxbow’s most exceptional purveyors:

Pica Pica Maize Kitchen

Stellar riffs on Venezuelan street food. The crispy-outside, moist-inside arepas (cornmeal patties) come stuffed with fillings like sweet and smoky skirt steak, fried plantains and beans.


The son of a Swiss butcher, Thomas Odermatt roasts extraordinary, sustainably farmed meat—as in his slow-cooked porchetta sandwich with tender pork and crunchy cracklings.

Three Twins Organic Ice Cream

After returning from the Peace Corps, Neal Gottlieb opened Three Twins; the “earth-friendly” business uses organic ingredients for ice creams like sweet, crunchy Lemon Cookie.


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