Openings: Word Around Town

New York City Two new gigs for talented chef Christian Delouvrier, late of Lespinasse: At Delouvrier, opening in October, he'll serve his trademark modern-French cuisine, and at Terre, he'll offer a country-style French menu with lots of terrines and roasted meats. Gray Kunz, another Lespinasse veteran, also has two new projects this fall: an upscale café in the AOL Time Warner Center, and a restaurant co-owned by Jean-Georges Vongerichten in the Meatpacking District. Stephen Hanson's Vento Trattoria is slated to open this fall. At the hip Maritime Hotel—owned by lounge-scene entrepreneurs Eric Goode and Sean MacPherson—former Sono and La Caravelle chef Tadashi Ono will serve traditional-Japanese-inspired cuisine.

Atlantic City Susanna Foo (an F&W Best New Chef 1989) launches her first new venture since she opened Susanna Foo in Philadelphia in 1980. The haute-Chinese Suilan is in the new Borgata Hotel, Casino & Spa: a billion-dollar complex with 10 other restaurants, and cocktail-waitress uniforms designed by Zac Posen.

—Salma Abdelnour

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