Naomi Duguid's Healthy Asian Cooking

Author Naomi Duguid explores the bright flavors of Burma, Bangladesh and Thailand.

Just as Americans have learned to distinguish a Sicilian dish from a Venetian one, we’re learning more about the differences between regional Asian cuisines. Writer and photographer Naomi Duguid has always been at the forefront of exploring Asian food and bringing it to the US through her cookbooks. After investigating southeast Asian food for her 2000 book, Hot Sour Salty Sweet, she started researching the Indian subcontinent, even traveling to Bangladesh, a destination so rarely visited by tourists that the embassy didn’t know how to categorize her visa. Her forthcoming book, Burma: The Cookbook, focuses on a country where a new president is promoting cultural openness. The recipes here are favorites from her intrepid travels.

Video Star Chefs’ Asian Recipes

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