M u s i c M a p s A u c t i o n s N e w s

brit bottles

In a show of solidarity with its country's native winemakers (who knew?), British Airways is now serving a white wine from an English winery on all its flights. The wine that's currently aloft, Chapel Down, is a blend of Seyval Blanc, Müller-Thurgau and Reichensteiner.

Mapped Out

Though they look like something you might have made in fourth-grade geography class, these two MapEasy wine maps contain first-rate travel information ($5.50 each; 516-324-1804).


Australian winemakers are buying up vineyard land around the world. Three of the largest Aussie producers-- Mildara Blass (Black Opal, Wolf Blass), BRL Hardy (Hardy's,Chateau Reynella) and Southcorp (Penfolds, Lindemans)-- are showing up in France, Chile, New Zealand and California.

vintage tunes

You've heard of records that aren't available at stores. Now there's a Vintage Selections music CD sold only at wine shops and wineries ($14.95; 888-942-5579).

wine of the month: the 1995 Anselmi Capitel Croce Soave ($18), so rich and suave you'll say it can't be Soave.

auction news

Acclaimed auctioneer Ursula Hermacinski brings her gavel down again at the 18th annual Napa Valley Wine Auction (June 4-6). Tickets are sold out, but day passes are available ($400 per person; 707-942-9783, Ext. 901).

B dictionary Bin is not only a place to keep bottles but also a name given to certain Australian wines, notably those from wineries like Penfolds (Bins 707, 389, 28). The practice evolved not from a lack of creativity but from an early means of identifying particular bottle lots.

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