Modern Farmhouse Style

Slate sinks, a farmhouse-table-turned-island and other salvaged elements add historical style to a Maine kitchen. Photographs by John Kernick

To create this kitchen’s funky, modern look, designer Nicola Manganello of Nicola’s Homes in Falmouth, Maine (207-712-0736 or turned to an unexpected source: locally salvaged furniture and materials. The kitchen island in this 19th-century post-and-beam farmhouse was originally a farm table Manganello found at Portland Architectural Salvage; she replaced its walnut top with a slab of Carrara marble, extended its legs to add height and painted all the wood surfaces white (from $500 for table; 207-780-0634 or Manganello also used decorative turn-of-the-century porch brackets and a glass transom from the same shop to divide the kitchen into two sections ($275 for two brackets, from $175 for transom).

1. Refrigerator Manganello installed two 24-inch-wide refrigerators from Liebherr next to each other, French door–style—less expensive than a 48-inch-wide fridge. $2,800 each; 905-319-9222 or

2, 4. Lighting “Boston Single Pendants” from Circa Lighting illuminate the island. The antique chandelier above the kitchen table adds a whimsically formal touch. From $190 each; 877-762-2323 or

3. Paint Manganello added color to the mostly black-and-white kitchen by painting the ceiling a French blue.

5. Countertops On the island, Manganello removed the original wood top and replaced it with Carrara marble. “Stone surfaces are more stable for mounting a sink,” she says. Marble from Kitchen Concepts; 207-856-7900 or

6. Stools Sturdy stainless steel stools adjust in height by spinning up and down. For a similar style: “Precision Stool with Footrest” from Design Within Reach, $495 each; 800-944-2233 or

More Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Details

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen: Sinks

Sinks and Faucets The kitchen’s two sinks are made of hand-sanded, hand-oiled salvaged slate. The three-foot-wide island sink is so large that Manganello installed two faucets, the “Hudson Series Bridge” faucet from Giagni (far right) and the “Hanover Kitchen Pulldown” from Price Pfister. From $1,200 for sink from Portland Architectural Salvage. $453 for Giagni and $216 for Price Pfister faucets, both from Lowe’s; 800-445-6937 or

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen: Pantry Area

Drawer Pulls For the pantry, Manganello chose B&M Hardware’s vintage-style bin pulls and placed B&M card holders above them—perfect for labeling drawers. $10 per pull, $4 per card holder from Decorum Hardware; 800-288-3346 or

Paint Instead of installing a backsplash in the pantry area, Manganello painted the wall with Crayola chalkboard paint by Dutch Boy in a flat finish, which matches the granite countertop and slate sink. $9 per quart of chalkboard paint from Target; 800-440-0680 or

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