Minimalist Style Kitchen

Gas cooktops that recede from sight, electrical outlets that disappear into the countertop—fans of minimalist kitchens have lots of sleek new choices.

Plus: More Fabulous F&W Kitchen Ideas

Miele Hood

Miele’s 44-inch hood has motorized glass-paneled wings that can open from five to 12 inches wide. $4,900; 800-640-2613 or

Courtesy of Miele
Doug Mockett Outlet

This outlet from Doug Mockett pops out of and disappears into the countertop. $127; 800-523-1269 or

Courtesy of Doug Mockett
Ultrathin Chair

The leather-upholstered Donald chair becomes ultrathin when folded. $680; 212-777-7592 or

Courtesy of Frau USA
Fisher & Paykel’s Ceramic Cooktop

The gas burners on Fisher & Paykel’s ceramic cooktop retract for a smooth, easy-to-clean surface. From $2,200; 888-936-7872 or fisher

Courtesy of Fisher & Paykel
Step Stool

This step stool doubles as a cleaning bucket when flipped over. $50; 800-829-1133 or

Courtesy of Taylor Gifts
“Light One” by John Beck

“Light One” by John Beck has a handmade mesh shade. $216; 314-535-4882 or

Courtesy of John Beck
Touch2O Faucet

A tap anywhere on Delta’s Pilar Touch2O faucet turns it on. From $527; 800-345-3358 or delta

Courtesy of Delta
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