Marc Vetri's Simple Pasta Recipes

Philadelphia chef Marc Vetri's simple pasta recipes prove he's as good at homespun cooking as he is at the haute kind.

Marc Vetri and I met in 1999 at his Philadelphia restaurant, Vetri, where I was dining incognito on an F&W Best New Chef recon mission. The food was astounding, as was the recipe we published when he won the award: tortellini in a sauce made with only three ingredients, combined just so—butter, truffle puree and water. Today Marc has written a new cookbook, Rustic Italian Food, and owns more restaurants (Osteria, Amis and the upcoming Alla Spina); the simple pasta recipes here reflect the restaurants' casual style. One is penne with cabbage and potatoes; Marc briefly simmers the penne in the sauce with some of the pasta cooking water to help tease out its starch and enrich the dish. It's a technique beloved by Italian cooks, and among the smart ideas in the following recipes.

Simple Pasta Recipes: Pasta Shapes to Try

Simple Pasta Recipes: Calamari Pasta
Calamari Use these pasta rings in place of macaroni with cheese sauce.
Simple Pasta Recipes: Mafaldine Pasta
Mafaldine Try these noodles instead of spaghetti with meat ragù.
Simple Pasta Recipes: Millerighe Pasta
Millerighe Substitute these tubes for rigatoni with tomato-based sauces.

Photos Courtesy of Pasta di Gragnano.

Video Video: Pasta Recipes and Tips

More Simple Pasta Recipes:

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