London Market Must-Haves

The culinary energy in London has shifted from celebrity-chef restaurants to fun, funky street markets.
London’s Best Affordable Food

Plus: London’s Best Affordable Food

Borough Market

Don’t Miss:

Outstanding farmhouse cheeses from KäseSwiss; grilled, hand-harvested scallops from Shellseekers; fresh-shucked oysters from Wright Brothers. Open Thursday to Saturday; the best day is Friday.

Broadway Market

Don’t Miss:

Amazingly fresh spices from the Spice Route; handmade pickles and Anglo-Indian chutneys from St. John and Dolly Smith’s; succulent roast pork sandwiches from Hog Roast. Open Saturdays.

Sunday UpMarket

Don’t Miss:

Moist yuca-and-coconut cake and feijoada (Brazilian cured meat with beans) from Maracuja; lamb dumplings from the Tibetan Momo stall; mango lassis from Carrom Cafe. Open Sundays.

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