Light Whites

Here, a sampling of refreshing, food-friendly white wines to buy from June Wine Guide:
2003 Josef Leitz Rüdesheimer Magdalenenkreuz Riesling Spätlese ($25)

One of Germany's most talented young winemakers, Josef Leitz managed to capture the warmth of the great 2003 vintage in an 8 percent–alcohol wine. An initial impression of soft, ripe sweetness leads to a firm, clean finish.

2003 Boutari Moschofilero $16

Flamboyant and exotic, this slightly off-dry wine, made from the Moschofilero grape, is the best-selling white in its native Greece.

2004 Indaba Sauvignon Blanc $9

Dry, delicious and mildly herby, this unoaked South African white is a great summer find.

2002 Aminea Fiano di Avellino $19

This modern new winery in Taurasi (the shin of Italy's boot) gives the ancient Fiano grape a fresh and vibrant twist with a hint of lemon.

2003 Sofia Blanc de Blancs $20

Named for Francis Ford Coppola's daughter, Sofia Coppola, this sparkling wine is made at Napa's Niebaum-Coppola winery in the style of an Italian Prosecco. Light in both carbonation and alcohol, it's a little bit crisper than most Proseccos.

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