L.A. Nightlife Hit List

Writer Joel Stein hits some of Los Angeles’s new night spots with celebrity chef Tom Colicchio and some of his chef friends.

Bar Lubitsch

A year-and-a-half-old Russian-themed bar with an appropriately vodka-centric drink list.


A clone of a stylish Japanese restaurant in downtown Manhattan, housed in Beverly Hills’s trendy new Thompson Hotel.

Craft L.A.

Tom Colicchio’s West Coast outpost of Craft, overseen by talented chef Matthew Accarrino.

El Carmen

A gritty bar beloved for its tequila list, laid-back crowd and posters of Mexican wrestlers on the walls.


One of Colicchio’s favorite Los Angeles hangouts, with an old-school Italian-American feel, red booths, pizzas and classic drinks.

Ruen Pair

A late-night strip-mall restaurant favored for its authentic Thai dishes, like a salad of braised duck’s feet and wide noodles topped with pork cooked three ways.

S Bar

Los Angeles nightlife czar Sam Nazarian’s crowded new lounge, with ultra-kitschy design and cocktails made with all kinds of vegetable juices.

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