History, food, art and kitsch wobble gently together as the British team of Bompas and Parr transform gelatin (jelly) and fruit purees into improbably beautiful sculptures and other art exhibitions.

July 01, 2011

London's St.Paul Catherdral in Jelly.

Breathable gin and tonic exhibit.

» Breathable gin and tonic exhibit.

Since then, the duo has become known for doing all kinds of fantastical things with food, like filling a room at a gallery with a breathable gin-and-tonic vapor and creating a four-ton bowl of punch for people to row across in boats. "It's amazing to design these things that you know will likely never happen again in your entire life," Bompas says. But the artists are still most famous for their jellies. Bompas recently wondered aloud whether there was any other food that delights people in the same way.

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