In Praise of White: Bread, Pasta, Rice and Potatoes

High-protein diets are so 2003. The eight extraordinary recipes here celebrate the comeback of carbs—creamy pasta, crusty bread, fragrant rice and potatoes that are marvelously crisp or silky smooth.

white-hot style

JACK PURCELLS Actor James Dean immortalized these newly hip sneakers, designed in 1935 ($50;

HERMANN CZECH CHAIR This updated Thonet chair has naked beechwood legs ($945 at the Conran Shop; 212-755-9079).

POMERAINIANS Their baby-doll faces have won them fans like Kate Hudson and Hillary Duff (

NISSAN'S PIVO CAR This electric concept car inspired a character by Japanese artist Takashi Murakami (

HUNTLEY HOTEL The lobby in this redesigned Santa Monica hotel is alive with 300 ceramic piranhas (

HERMÈS FASHION You'll see oversize white shirt dresses, like Hermès's asymmetrical number, in spring collections ($1,925;

eCOSMART'S IGLOO FIREPLACE Soot-free, it heats with a kind of ethanol made from sugar ($7,277 at casamonte; 773-278-4100).

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