Master chef Jacques Pépin explains how to peel asparagus, cut corn from the cob and prep other vegetables like broccoli, fava beans and bell peppers. Plus, F&W’s best salads and other dishes that star fresh vegetables.

September 12, 2012

In this article:

Peeling and Trimming Asparagus

Peeling asparagus helps you use more of the stalk. Here, how to do it.

Peeling Broccoli

Though they often go to waste, broccoli stems are tender and sweet once they’ve been peeled and cooked. Jacques Pépin shows how to use them.

Peeling Peppers

Jacques Pépin shows the best way to peel a bell pepper.

Peeling a Carrot

Here, a great technique for peeling carrots in a single stroke.

Prepping Spinach

Chef Jacques Pépin shows how to prep spinach.

Cutting Corn Off the Cob

Here’s an invaluable tip for removing corn kernels from the cob.

Shelling Peas

Master chef Jacques Pépin shares a technique for quickly shelling peas.

Shelling Fava Beans

A great technique for shelling fava beans.

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