Master chef Jacques Pépin makes perfect pie crust, pâte sucrée and puff pastry. Plus, F&W’s recipes and tips for flaky, mouthwatering pies and tarts.

May 29, 2012

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 Video: Jacques Pépin Shows How to Make Pie Crust, Sweet Dough and Puff Pastry

  • A Baker’s Perfect Pie Pastry Tips
  • Making a Puff-Pastry Tart Shell
  • Recipes for Pies and Tarts
  • More Delicious Pies

    How to Make Pie Crust

    Jacques Pépin makes pie dough in a food processor, then rolls it out to bake. 



    How to Make Sweet Pastry Dough


    Sweet dough, also known as pâte sucrée, bakes into a buttery pastry that’s perfect for tarts and fruit pies. Here, Pépin makes the classic dough. 



    How to Make Puff Pastry


    Jacques Pépin demonstrates how to make flaky puff pastry at home. 


    A Baker’s Perfect Pie Pastry Tips



    Senior recipe developer Grace Parisi has perfected her pie crust-making technique. Here, she shares her best tips.





    Tips for Making a Puff-Pastry Shell



    Three easy steps for making a stellar puff pastry tart shell. Plus, easy recipes for delicious tart fillings, from caramelized bananas to plums sautéed in Chambord, a black raspberry liqueur.





    Favorite Pies and Tarts

    Double-Crust Apple Pie

    For this iconic dessert, Grace Parisi fills flaky pie crust with a mix of Granny Smith, Pink Lady and Golden Delicious apples. 

    Flaky Pear Pie

    Grant Achatz’s dessert, inspired by his mom’s, is as straightforward as it gets, with a melt-in-your-mouth all-shortening pie crust and a lightly sweetened pear filling with just a hint of spice. 

    Georgia Peach Pie

    When you slice into this delicious pie, don’t be surprised by the gap between the filling and the top crust. This happens when a pie is baked at high heat because the crust sets before the fruit in the filling has cooked down. 

    Rustic Apple Tart

    This is the flakiest, easiest, best pie crust we’ve ever tested. Master chef Jacques Pépin has created a virtually fail-safe recipe that is completely hassle-free. 

    Fresh Raspberry Tart

    To make sure the pastry stays crisp and flaky, Jacques Pépin arranges the raspberries on top no more than 30 minutes before serving. The jam not only sets the berries in place, it also adds flavor intensity and gives them a beautiful shine.  

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