How to Make Meringue

Here, the best meringue dessert recipes, from traditional macarons to an impressive meringue cake. Plus, Jacques Pépin demonstrates great techniques for making meringue.

How to Make Meringue

Jacques Pépin makes classic meringue and pipes it onto a baking sheet.

How to Separate an Egg

Jacques Pépin reveals an easy way to separate eggs and identifies a common mistake.

slideshow Slideshow: Lesson in French Cookies

How to Make Meringue Sandwich Cookies

Pastry genius François Payard shows designer Jason Wu how to make macarons, the popular French meringue sandwich cookies.

Delicious Meringue Dessert Recipes

How to Make Meringue: Hazelnut-and-Chocolate Meringue Cake

Hazelnut-and-Chocolate Meringue Cake

This extraordinary dessert, made with crisp chocolate-hazelnut meringue and whipped cream, is surprisingly simple to make.

How to Make Meringue: Coconut Pavlovas with Tropical Fruit

Fruit Meringue Kebabs

Ferran Adrià calls these fun and easy meringue-coated fruit skewers "Chupa Chups Julio Verne" or "Jules Verne Lollipops," presumably because they resemble something from an old-fashioned science fiction movie.

How to Make Meringue: Not Your Usual Lemon Meringue Pie

Not Your Usual Lemon Meringue Pie

In her version of lemon meringue pie, Gale Gand layers sheets of sugared phyllo dough with tart lemon curd and a brown-sugar meringue.

How to Make Meringue: Coconut Pavlovas with Tropical Fruit

Coconut Pavlovas with Tropical Fruit

The kiwis and mango that fill these airy, low-fat meringues are high in vitamin C and other antioxidants. Passion fruit seeds add tartness and intense tropical flavor.

How to Make Meringue: Devil’s Food Cupcakes with Espresso Meringue

Devil’s Food Cupcakes with Espresso Meringue

Karen Hatfield tops rich, chocolaty cupcakes with a fluffy swirl of espresso meringue and a dusting of cocoa powder.

How to Make Meringue: Coconut-Pistachio Meringues

Coconut-Pistachio Meringues

Delicate and substantial at the same time, Nick Malgieri’s pistachio-topped coconut meringues are chewy on the inside and crisp on the outside. For the best results, bake them on a dry day: Humidity can make meringues disappointingly soft.

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