We offer tips and recipes for making exceptional bread at home. Plus, Jacques Pépin shows how to make three classic loaves.

August 16, 2012

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How to Shape Baguettes and More Classic Loaves

Jacques Pépin forms bread dough into three essential shapes.

 Baking Bread

An Expert’s Easy Way to Make Bread at Home

One of America’s best bakers tells how anyone can make stunning, bakery-quality loaves.

Recipes for Bread

 Honey Spelt Bread

Honey Spelt Bread

Lionel Vatinet sweetens his bread with local honey, which may benefit the immune system and help to combat allergies. Crusty White Bread

Crusty White Bread

Chad Robertson’s bread recipe, baked in a heavy Dutch oven or lidded skillet, becomes fantastically crusty. Moroccan Olive Bread

Moroccan Olive Bread

Berber women sell loaves of dense and crusty bread in market stalls throughout Morocco. Thickly slicing the olives before placing them on the unbaked bread allows the briny oil from the cut sides to seep into the dough.

Onion-Mustard Monkey Bread

These buttery, onion-flecked, pull-apart rolls are an irresistible cross between Parker House classics and bialys.

Walnut Bread

This whole wheat bread studded with toasted walnuts is divine with foie gras terrine and also delectable with an assortment of cheeses after dinner.

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