How to Get that Look: Design details for three perfect Thanksgiving tables


"Tulip" Plate from Isak ($20;

"Saffron Surya" Napkin from Sprout Home ($25 for four;

Handmade Vase by the Art Department from Golden Calf ($250; 718-302-8800).

"Servagon" Tray by Industreal from Matter ($315; matter


"Dew" Dishes by Albicantes from Rose and Radish (from $109;

Bowl by United Glass Blowing from Rose and Radish ($259;

"Scoop" Serving Spoons from Dinosaur Designs ($90;

Rubber Pot by D&M Depot from Rose and Radish ($10;


"Prelude Gold" Flatware by JL Coquet from DeVine Corp. (from $133;

"Marquise" Bowl by Richard Ginori ($220; 800-215-1193 for stores).

"Vertical Paillette" Glass by Kim Seybert ($103; for stores).

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