How to Cook Lobster

Legendary chef Jacques Pépin demonstrates the best way to cook lobster and how to remove the tender meat. Plus, delicious F&W lobster recipes and more seafood cooking tips.

Handling Live Lobster

Jacques Pépin shares perfect techniques for handling live lobster.

Removing the Meat From a Cooked Lobster

Here, tips for getting every last bit of sweet, delicate lobster meat.

Recipes for Lobster

How to Cook Lobster: Deluxe Lobster and Potato Chip Rolls

Deluxe Lobster and Potato Chip Rolls

Chefs Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo add crunch to their buttery lobster rolls with potato chips.

How to Cook Lobster: Lobster and Fennel Salad

Lobster and Fennel Salad

In this salad, Cathal Armstrong combines sweet lobster with fresh fennel and a tarragon dressing.

How to Cook Lobster: Spicy Lobster-Noodle Salad

Spicy Lobster-Noodle Salad

This cellophane-noodle salad, with creamy avocados, crunchy peanuts and a chile-honey dressing, is an excellent showcase for lobster.

Butter-Poached Lobster with Kimchi Butter Sauce

Zak Pelaccio tops lobster with a beurre blanc (butter sauce) flavored with spicy kimchi in this delicious recipe.

Lobster Paella on the Grill

Mario Batali’s impressive and subtly smoky paella—studded with lobster, shrimp, clams and chorizo—cooks on the grill in one big pan. Make sure to use a large pile of coals that will stay hot for an hour or so.

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