Master chef Jacques Pépin reveals essential techniques for preparing raw fish including cleaning, scaling and boning. Plus, F&W’s best fish recipes.

August 28, 2013

In this article:

How to Clean Sole

Jacques Pépin demonstrates how to get the most meat out of a small fish.

Scaling Fish

Jacques Pépin shows how to scale fish without making a mess.

Prepping Whole Salmon for Gravlax and Salmon Tartare

Jacques Pépin demonstrates how to bone a whole salmon and make amazing gravlax and salmon tartare.

Cleaning Calamari

Essential techniques for cleaning fresh squid.

Peeling and Cleaning Shrimp

Master chef Jacques Pépin demonstrates how to peel and clean shrimp.

Delicious Fish & Seafood Recipes Using These Techniques

Cured Salmon Tartare with Cilantro

 Slideshow: Seafood and Shellfish Recipes

Recipes for Whole Fish

Squid Recipes

Shrimp Dishes

Video Video: Seafood Recipes & Cooking Tips