Hotels | Chain Reaction

Fourth of July story.

The Elliott isn't the first hotel to carry the Hyatt name but still retain a personality. The Melbourne Park is glitzy in an appealing way, with a happening restaurant, Radii. Then there's the Shanghai Grand, the world's tallest hotel, with its 87th-floor restaurant. The Hong Kong Grand harbors China's biggest sake collection; the D.C. Park, in Washington, D.C., original Matisses and Picassos.

If big hotel chains want the baby boomers' business, they've learned, they have to do something impressive with their restaurants. In this regard, I'm pleased to note that Hyatt's new corporate policy seems to be to showcase F&W Best New Chefs: NoMI, the restaurant of the Park Hyatt Chicago, has Sandro Gamba of the 2001 crop at the stove.

-K. S.

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