Home Cook Superstar Winner

After deliberating over the thousands of entrants to our first-ever Home Cook Superstar Search, we at F&W are proud to announce the winner. The prize: a trip to the Cayman Cookout.

Congratulations to Sarah Simmons, a digital marketing consultant in New York City. She told us, "I live to eat. No, wait—I live to watch other people eat food I've made." Sarah's taste is adventurous (bourbon-balsamic ice cream), and she loves her food processor so much that she gave it a name (Francine). One of her friends told us, "Sarah regularly feeds an army of New Yorkers who are overworked, underfed and yearning for a home-cooked meal." For more on Sarah and the other contestants, go to foodandwine.com/superstar.


Other home cooks we love:

  • Kat Teodosic from Detroit, who decided to caramelize carrots for the first time at the age of four.
  • Jenny Patterson from Las Vegas, who once successfully roasted a whole pig to feed 150 people at a blowout party.
  • Cindy Fee from Oak Park, Illinois, who prepared Peking duck by hanging the bird in her kitchen under a fan for two days to dry. She even made her own rhubarb-plum sauce.
  • Marc Matsumoto from New York City, who takes incredible photographs of dishes he's prepared, like his kimchi pasta.
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