Holidays at the Point

The Point, a former Rockefeller lodge high in the Adirondacks, makes a storybook setting for a luxurious Christmas dinner

The 11 guest rooms in four buildings, all with views of Upper Saranac Lake, are splendidly rustic; the grounds strike the perfect balance between tidy and wild. At a resort loaded with treats, the biggest thrill of all is going out for a spin on the lake in the HackerCraft or the ELCO launch and savoring the feeling of cruising home to your own great camp.

During the winter, the Point is a storybook depiction of winter-- white birch, fragrant pine, the cozy rustic luxe cabins. The storybook is enhanced every December when the Point closes for three days to have its halls thoroughly decked in the season's finery and reopens in time to welcome guests for a memorable Christmas in the woods. Christmas dinner, prepared by the Point's chef Darren Lock, is the showpiece from its fabulous foie gras terrine starter to the poached pears finish. Tucked into your bed that Christmas night, with the fireplace roaring, you'll feel like the child who got everything he asked for.

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