Healthy Salads for Hedonists

Crunchy, crispy, chewy, tender: A Baltimore chef’s main-course salads satisfy the senses.

“Eating salad shouldn’t feel like a punishment,” says chef Spike Gjerde of Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore. At his new coffee shop, Artifact, he brings his hyper-locavore sensibility to more casual food, like sandwiches and main-course salads. “The best salads for me are the ones where you get the crunchy, the crisp, the chewy and the tender,” Gjerde says. To add crunch, he throws in croutons made from leftover bread (“Pretzels also work well”); he also likes tossing in pickles (“As a bonus, use some brine in the dressing”). Whether it’s a salad with smoked fish and potatoes or noodles with pork tenderloin, Gjerde varies the greens depending on the season. “These salads have enough heft. After you eat them, you won’t be looking around to see what’s on everyone else’s plate.”

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