Grilling Equipment

F&W uncovers the best new tools for fire-fueled cooking.
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Smart Skewers


With Fire Wire's 2 1/2-foot-long skewers, kebabs can bend around other foods on the grill to maximize space. $15 for 2;

Grilling Platter Set

Courtesy of Michael Aram Inc.

Tray Included

Designer Michael Aram's new Fig Leaf collection includes this elegant Grilling Platter Set: six skewers atop an acacia-wood tray. $225;


The Chef'n company's new Grill'n tool line includes a clever seven-pronged Branch Skewer, to hold many more sausages. $12;

Safer Grilling

Charcoal Companion's Grill Station

Photo © Theo Morrison

Charcoal Companion's new Grill Station contains two lightweight bins, each labeled to prevent cooked food from getting mixed up with raw. $25;

Grill-Top Gear

Cast-iron humidifiers from Moistly Grilled

Courtesy of Sur La Table

Steamy Secret

Pour beer, wine or even juice into cast-iron humidifiers from Moistly Grilled to infuse food with flavor and keep it succulent. $30 for 2;

Le Creuset's Grill Dutch Oven

Photo © 2009 Quentin Bacon

Backyard Braising

The finish on Le Creuset's Grill Dutch Oven looks like cast-iron but is actually easy-cleaning porcelain enamel; perfect for slow-cooking meats or simmering sides. $170;

Pinzon box

Courtesy of Douglas

Wood-Fired Flavor

Designed by Seattle chef Tom Douglas, the Pinzon box can be filled with wood chips and placed on the grill to give foods a touch of smoke. $13;

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