Great Rieslings for Spring

Riesling pairs beautifully with spring vegetables, like sweet peas and asparagus. Here are three to look for:
  1. 2009 Clos du Bois Riesling ($12)

    Winemaker Erik Olsen sources grapes from California's Santa Lucia Highlands and Arroyo Seco for this affordable, off-dry bottling.

  2. 2008 Leitz Leitz Out Riesling ($14)

    From a top producer in Germany's Riesling-centric Rheingau region, this wine is slightly sweet but superbly balanced and citrusy.

  3. 2009 Kilikanoon Mort's Block Riesling ($20)

    The cool-climate Clare Valley produces most of Australia's best Rieslings, like this vibrant, lime-scented one.

More Wine Tips:

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