Global Grilling

Inspired by Steven Raichlen's adventurous new book, Planet Barbecue, F&W presents an international mix of amazing new grilling restaurants, hot sauces and salts.
Global Grilling

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Steven Raichlen

Courtesy of Workman Publishing/Designed by David Matt

The United Nations Of BBQ

Steven Raichlen checked out 53 countries to compile the 275 recipes in his latest book. He calls his hot sauce made in a cast-iron skillet "caveman food," a tribute to our universal origins.


Courtesy of David Reamer

New Grill-Centric Restaurants

In Portland, Oregon, Andy Ricker's Asian Ping serves all kinds of skewers, from pork to octopus. In Washington, DC, the first U.S. outpost of Lebanon's Kabab-ji offers healthy kebabs and not-so-healthy french fries.

Indian Ketchup

© Christopher Hirscheimer

Indian Ketchup

Maya Kaimal flavors this condiment with warm spices like cumin. $6 for 13.5 oz;


Courtesy of Christina Holmes

Porchetta Salt

Chef Sara Jenkins of Porchetta in Manhattan has created an Italian salt delectable on all kinds of pork. $6 for 4 oz;

Best New BBQ Sausage

Courtesy of La Tienda

Best New Bbq Sausage

Most Spanish chorizo is sold ready to eat, but La Tienda's semi-cured kind needs a little grilling. Made with U.S. free-range Berkshire pork, the links are delicious on their own or threaded on skewers with onions and bell peppers. $10 for 12 oz;

Jamaican Juicer

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Jamaican Juicer

Jamaican recipes use lime juice in everything from rum punch to jerk sauce. This Dr. Bird Juicer from the design company Imm Living is an homage to Jamaica's national bird, the streamer-tailed hummingbird, also known as a doctor bird. $24;

Korean Sauce

Courtesy of Annie Chun's

Korean Sauce

Annie Chun's go-chu-jang (the tangy paste served with bulgogi, or barbecued beef) is great on any grilled meat. $4 for 10 oz;