When she’s not eating crazily on the set, the Top Chef star makes healthy dishes at home.

April 26, 2012

Gail Simmons: Talking with My Mouth Full

Courtesy of Hyperion

My new book, Talking with My Mouth Full, is about my life as a professional eater: growing up in a food-obsessed family, working for star chef Daniel Boulud, getting a dream job at Food & Wine—all of it leading to my role as a Top Chef judge and Top Chef Just Desserts host. What I don’t reveal in the book is how I balance all of the extreme eating. (Once, during a Willy Wonka–themed challenge, we literally had to chew the scenery.) At home, I prepare healthy meals—my mother-in-law’s chicken-and-barley stew, say, or a rice bowl with lemony tahini sauce. The recipes here are my favorites.  

Video: Gail Simmons's Cooking Tips  Gail Simmons’s Cooking Tips



Gail Simmons: Favorite Dishes

Gail Simmons’s Favorite Dishes

Gail Simmons: Favorite Desserts

Gail Simmons’s Favorite Desserts

Gail Simmons: Favorite Cocktails

Gail Simmons’s Favorite Cocktails