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Full Moon

new in napa
Dean & DeLuca, Manhattan-based purveyor of posh, has built an outpost in California's wine country-- in St. Helena to be exact--that boasts lots of hard-to-find boutique wines (607 S. St. Helena Hwy.).

Grind and Go
"Le Clou" is surely the world's classiest pocket pepper grinder, and inch for inch it may be one of the priciest ($600). Each limited-edition 2-inch mill is crafted of solid silver and handmade to order (fax G. E. Decker at 011-49-727-7336).

that's amore
Matt Kramer offers a loving description of Piedmont, a land of truffles and risotto, complete with recipes in A Passion for Piedmont (Morrow; $27).

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