F&W's Camping Recipes

F&W’s Grace Parisi reinvents the cookout with smoked salmon, prosciutto and andouille sausage.

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I did not grow up camping: My parents preferred electricity and indoor plumbing. My little cabin in the woods has neither, but over the years, my husband and I have added a few amenities, including a gas grill for quick meals after a day of hiking and a fire pit for leisurely cooking and communal gatherings. I use either the grill or the fire pit for the recipes here, though a stovetop would work, too. Most of the ingredients require no refrigeration: vacuum-sealed packs of andouille sausage for the feijoada (Brazilian black bean stew); dried mushrooms and country ham for the orzo risotto; and homemade biscuit mix, chocolate chips, marshmallows and raspberry jam for the s’mores (which are totally worth battling any after-dark mosquitoes for).

Campfire Cooking Accessories

Camping Recipes: Campfire Forks

Campfire Forks

Hand-forged iron roasting forks for hot dogs. $22.50 each; atmospherebrooklyn.com.

© Anthony LaSala
Camping Recipes: Retro Kettle

Retro Kettle

This lightweight metal kettle heats quickly. $23; gsioutdoors.com.

© GSI Outdoors
Camping Recipes: Stainless Steel Wineglass


Made of durable stainless steel. $15; gsioutdoors.com.

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