Eco Checklist: Stock a Green Fridge

A peek inside the ultimate eco-friendly refrigerator.


Liebherr’s side-by-side, 24-inch SBS 20H0 refrigerator exceeds the new guidelines for Energy Star ratings. ($4,500;


Indiana’s Traders Point Creamery makes its nutty, washed-rind Fleur de la Terre cheese with milk from hormone- and antibiotic-free grass-fed cows ($24 per lb; Straus Family Creamery produces its tasty organic butter using methane gas converted to electricity ($12 per lb; Wild Harvest Cage Free organic eggs come from chickens fed a vegetarian diet ($3 per dozen;


CMB Sweets jams showcase excellent organic California fruit ($6.50 for 8 oz; Shady Maple Farms’ Canadian syrup is certified organic ($8 for 8.5 oz;

Fruits and vegetables:

According to the Center for Food Safety, cucumbers, cabbage and apples are among the produce with the smallest carbon footprint (shipping not factored). More tips at


Citizen Bean’s coffee club sources sustainably grown beans from top independent roasters (from $80; Frozen orange-juice concentrate has a smaller carbon footprint than ready-to-drink juice.


La Cense meat, from grass-fed, hormone-free cows, is delicious ($19 for 9.5 oz rib eye;


Dungeness crabs and farmed shellfish are two of the most sustainable types of seafood (

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Eco Checklist:
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