Eco Checklist: Set a Stylish Green Table

La Mediterranea vase Based in Valencia, Spain, La Mediterranea creates glassware, like this “Oula” vase, entirely from recycled materials (from $22;

Ortolan linens Embroidered napkins are made with organic cotton canvas ($34;

Sydney Albertini bowl Pieces in painterly color combinations, like this pale blue and chocolate brown, are covered in natural (not synthetic) glazes, then fired in a kiln ($60;

Heath Ceramics plates Sausalito, California–based Heath creates simple, modernist stoneware with natural glazes, firing its plates at low kiln temperatures (from $26;

Dansk “Classic Fjord” flatware Dansk is resurrecting a pattern from 1954 using sustainable teak wood ($100 for 5-piece setting;

Esque Studio pitcher Handblown pieces are made in a wind-powered studio in Portland, Oregon ($200;

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Eco Checklist:
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