Eat This or All That: 1,500 Calorie Meals

A wagyu cheeseburger or—for the same number of calories—a luxe, artisanal three-course meal? Inspired by the best-selling book Eat This Not That!, F&W presents an indulgent food face-off.

Option 1: Fully Loaded Burger


Photo © Antonis Achilleos

Total: 1,500 Calories

8 ounces of wagyu beef, plus cheddar, caramelized onions, bacon and fried pickles on a brioche bun

Option 2: Full 3-course Dinner

Total: 1,500 Calories

Three courses featuring F&W's favorite new food finds, plus a glass of red wine (about 150 calories)

Cheese and Crackers.

Photo © Antonis Achilleos

Course 1: Cheese & Crackers

"Caveman Blue" cheese, $28 for 1 lb; Crackers, $7 for 5 oz;

2 oz cheese = 200 calories
3 crackers = 70 calories

Filet Mignon.

Photo © Antonis Achilleos

Course 2: Filet Mignon

$65 for six 4-oz choice filets;

4 oz = 310 Calories

Camargue Rice.

Photo © Antonis Achilleos

Camargue Rice

$17 for 2 lb;

1 cup = 170 Calories

Wild Chicory.

Photo © Antonis Achilleos

Wild Chicory

$12 for 6 oz;

1 cup = 235 Calories

Mini Whoopie Pies.

Photo © Antonis Achilleos

Course 3: Mini Whoopie Pies

$28 for 12;

3 pies = 405 Calories

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