Eat and Drink Mobile App

Check back in June for our fun and useful mobile app of the best coffee bars, sweets shops and cocktail lounges in America.
coffee bars

Coffee Bars

For 175+ best coffee bars, from old-guard Seattle spots to a newcomer operating out of a bike shop in Minneapolis.

slideshow Plus: Coffee Buzz Words

sweet shops

Sweets Shops

For 300+ best sweets shops, from a frozen custard spot in Las Vegas with only four flavors served each day to a more-than-a-century-old ice cream shop in Oakland, California.

slideshow Plus: 20 Delicious and Beautiful Desserts


Cocktail Lounges

For 100+ best bars, from an updated American tavern in Boulder, Colorado, to a modern day speakeasy in Alexandria, Virginia.

slideshow Plus: Drinks & Snacks for a Perfect Cocktail Party

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