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Inspired by ’40s kitchens, Easy Rider and Argentinean doors, L.A.–based Commune is designing everything from napkins to hotels.
Commune partners Roman Alonso, Ramin Shamshiri, Pamela Shamshiri and Steven Johanknecht.
Commune partners Ramin Shamshiri, Pamela Shamshiri and Steven Johanknecht (not pictured: Roman Alonso). Photo © Todd Cole.

Fine art meets high fashion in the interiors created by the hyper- cool Los Angeles design collective Commune—whether the group is working on the Malibu store for Oliver Peoples eyeglasses or collaborating with a famed artist for an outdoor fireplace in a private house. Commune, which takes its name from the Bauhaus idea of a community, prides itself on its eclectic range of influences, from industrial style to repurposed Army tents. Here are some of their most exciting inspirations and ideas.

Outdoor hanging lanterns

© Corey Walter

Slideshow: Design Inspirations & Ideas from Commune

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