Design: Dots & Tots | Bob's Your Uncle place mats

You know there's something unusual about a pumpkin bread made with 3 cups of cinnamon, 1 cup of pepper and 2 cups of pumpkin bread. The recipe is one of six featured on a new set of colorful polka-dotted paper place mats from the Boston card company Bob's Your Uncle. Other recipes in the collection include Little Green Thing Pizza, Thirty Minute Popcorn and Dinosaur Soup. Bob's Your Uncle solicited recipes from a sampling of children under five; the only stipulation was that parents couldn't supply any guidance. But with directions as straightforward as "Take 4 dinosaurs. Put in bowl. Add some water. Put in the microwave. Eat it for 7 days," who needs guidance? ($22 for a set of four dozen mats; 617-670-3782 or

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