David Myers explores Asian ingredients at two new Tokyo restaurants. F&W streamlines his Japanese recipes.

July 01, 2011

How intimidating is it for a Los Angeles chef to serve Japanese-inspired food in Japan? For F&W Best New Chef 2003 David Myers, who recently opened David Myers Café and Sola in Tokyo's luxurious Mitsukoshi department store, confidence is not an issue. "We use Japanese ingredients and techniques, but I add my own fun," he says. That means using things like miso paste and mitsuba (a Japanese herb) to reinvent clam chowder, or grilling a superlative piece of steak over bincho coals and pairing it with yuzu kosho (a condiment). Eventually Myers hopes to bring his Cal-Japanese style back to L.A., where he already owns the bistro Comme Ça and an Italian spot, Pizzeria Ortica. F&W shares streamlined versions of his most exciting Japanese recipes here.

Dashi-Poached Scallop Salad with Wasabi Dressing

Matcha-Macaron Ice Cream Sandwiches

© David Malosh/Peden & Munk

Chef Way Myers's complex dessert parfait combines matcha crème, gelée, mochi and macaron with muscovado and vanilla crème.

Easy Way These ice cream sandwiches layer store-bought green-tea and vanilla ice creams on crispy, chewy green tea macarons. The recipe here includes green tea powder (matcha), which gives it a delightful flavor.

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