Culinary Art: Chef-Artist Dinners

Usually the only cows at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York City are the Warhol prints on the walls. But real cows—the living, breathing, mooing kind—will appear at the Whitney on November 4 as part of a dinner series sponsored by Minetta Brook, a contemporary-art organization, pairing top chefs with top artists to celebrate Hudson Valley farmers. The next event, on October 2, is at Dia:Beacon, in Beacon, New York. Chef David Bouley will explore the concept of rawness; artist Lothar Baumgarten will offer an audio work featuring the primal sounds of toads, insects and rain. At the Whitney dinner, the culmination of the series, Alice Waters will cook; artist Ann Hamilton will create an environment highlighting menu ingredients—including, probably, beef. The cows will watch from the atrium. DETAILS From $500 per ticket; 212-431-7165).

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