F&W’s Grace Parisi reveals how she keeps up with her overachieving plot.

July 03, 2012

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When my family and I moved into our house in Brooklyn, New York, the backyard resembled a garbage dump filled with old car batteries, broken glass and stained mattresses. After clearing out the space, we spent three years composting like crazy, trying to enrich the soil enough to plant a garden; now, 12 years later, we have a thriving one. Although the yard is too shady to grow vegetables (or grass, for that matter, though that’s never stopped me from trying—my annual lesson in futility), herbs do really well, and I’ve found that some are unexpectedly prolific. Parsley, mint, basil and lovage sprout like weeds and always play a huge part in my summer suppers. In the recipes that follow, I’ve embraced that abundance and created dishes that use herbs in fast, delicious ways.

DIY Herb Pantry

 Make Herb Oil Herb Oil Blanch herbs, then puree with olive oil to use in dressings. © Ryan Liebe  Make an Herb-Infused Syrup Herb Syrup Infuse herbs in simple syrup (sugar dissolved in water) for tea. © Ryan Liebe  DIY Dried Herbs Dried Herbs Hang herb bundles to dry, then crumble into sauces. © Ryan Liebe

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