Chef's Takes on Thanksgiving

When chefs cook for the holiday, turkey isn't the only thing on the menu. Here, their delicious Thanksgiving alternatives.

Thanksgiving Tamales

Border Grill; Los Angeles & Las Vegas

Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger's L.A. flagship sells turkey tamales and cranberry salsa (right); their Vegas outpost has venison enchiladas. The tamales are available for takeout through Christmas.

Video  Watch Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger cook their nontraditional Thanksgiving tamales with cranberry salsa.

Texas-Style Holiday

Smoke; Dallas

On Thanksgiving, in addition to turkey and house-smoked ham, chef Tim Byres serves a beef rib roast that's been slow-cooked in a pit.

Thanksgiving Alternatives:  A Chef Gives Back
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A Chef Gives Back

Reef; Houston

The staff of Bryan Caswell's restaurant get the holiday off, but the chef always cooks a huge Thanksgiving spread for two local firehouses. The firemen's favorites: white bean stew and turkey breast roulade.

Thanksgiving Alternatives:  Thanksgiving Preview
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Thanksgiving Preview

The Majestic; Alexandria, VA

The Sunday before the holiday, guests can order a family-style dinner of turkey breast roulade, green bean casserole and pumpkin pie. The Majestic offers a family dinner every Sunday night

Thanksgiving Alternatives: Pork vs. Turkey
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Pork vs. Turkey

Sugarcane; Miami

Chef Timon Balloo serves a juicy porchetta roulade on Thanksgiving. "I don't want to knock the bird, but it can be hit or miss," he says. To satisfy traditionalists, chef Balloo also serves a roast turkey.

Amazing Thanksgiving Recipes:

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