Dream Grill

Chef Nick Anderer's obsession is this grill from JR Manufacturing.

Photo courtesy of JR Manufacturing

Dream Grill

“The grate on this grill lifts up and down easily.” From $8,300; jrmanufacturing.com.—Nick Anderer

Chef Obsessions: U.S. Balsamic
Photo courtesy of George Paul Vinegar

U.S. Balsamic

“This Nebraskan vinegar is Italian-level good.” $45; georgepaulvinegar.com.—Clayton Chapman

Chef Obsessions: Commuter Bike
Photo courtesy of Affinity Cycles

Commuter Bike

“Affinity can build a custom model in two weeks.” From $475; affinitycycles.com.—Daniel Holzman

Chef Obsessions: Artisan Bourbon
Photo courtesy of Cyrus Noble

Artisan Bourbon

“The caramelly Cyrus Noble is great in a Boulevardier cocktail.” $28; bevmo.com.—Matthew Accarrino

Chef Obsessions: Italian Handbook
Photo courtesy of Ten Speed Press

Italian Handbook

“Marc Vetri is my ultimate food hero—he cooks from his soul.” $35.—Mindy Segal

Chef Obsessions: Green Pea Snacks
Photo courtesy of Calbee

Green Pea Snacks

“I love the crispy texture of these dehydrated snacks.” $2 for 3.3 oz; harvestsnaps.com.—Sang Yoon

Chef Obsessions: D-SLR Camera
Photo courtesy of Nikon

D-SLR Camera

“The Nikon D5200 takes such great shots, it makes me look good.” $700; nikonusa.com.—Alan Wong

Chef Obsessions: Fiji Ginger Powder
Photo courtesy of Wakaya Perfection

Fiji Ginger Powder

“Wakaya’s ground ginger is incredibly pure-tasting.” $24 for .6 oz; wakayaperfection.com.—Karen Hatfield

Chef Obsessions: Boutique Hotel
Photo courtesy of Allison V. Smith

Boutique Hotel

“Austin’s Hotel Saint Cecilia is smart and stylish.” From $235; hotelsaintcecilia.com.—Hugh Acheson

Chef Obsessions: Ceramic Smoker
Photo © Korin Japanese Trading

Ceramic Smoker

“I can smoke any fish or meat on my stove in this Donabe pot.” $280; korin.com.—Ming Tsai