Champagne: 10 Top Prestige Cuvées

These bottles often represent the best of the best in Champagne. Têtes de cuvée come in a variety of styles, and in vintage as well as nonvintage bottlings.

10 Picks:

1999 Gaston Chiquet Special Club ($75)

A bold and gutsy wine made by a top Aÿ-based grower.

2002 Jean Milan Sélection Terres de Noël Brut ($100)

A poised, all-Chardonnay wine from 50-year-old vines.

1999 Pierre Peters Cuvée Spéciale Brut ($100)

A floral wine produced by one of the top Chardonnay growers in Champagne.

1996 Duval-Leroy Cuvée Femme ($140)

A seductive wine, packaged in a sensuously shaped bottle and possessed of great finesse.

2000 Vilmart et Cie Coeur de Cuvée Brut ($140)

A soft and full-bodied wine marked by lovely floral notes.

1995 Charles Heidsieck Blanc des Millénaires ($150)

A gorgeously rich and well-balanced all-Chardonnay wine.

1998 Pol Roger Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill ($185)

One of the most reliable (and least-hyped) great têtes de cuvée.

2002 Perrier-Jouët Rosé Fleur de Champagne ($300)

A juicy, delicious wine that comes in a beautiful bottle.

1993 Dom Pérignon Oenothèque ($450)

A special library edition of Dom; a stunning wine to drink now or to cellar.

1997 Champagne Salon ($500)

Fans of grand cru Burgundy will be thrilled by this penetratingly minerally Champagne.

Lettie Teague’s Champagne Picks:


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