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Caribbean Escapes for Chocolate Lovers

Tropical trips that incorporate cacao plantations and chocolate factories with lodges and villas.

Lalunas, Grenada

Courtesy of Laluna


Stay at Laluna’s luxe beachfront villas. Visit Grenada Chocolate Company’s solar-electric-powered factory, which produces organic bars from locally grown beans (


At Cotton Tree Lodge, guests harvest cacao pods, make their own chocolate and learn about fair-trade issues from members of the Toledo Cacao Grower’s Association

St. Lucia

Book a rustic cottage at Fond Doux Estate’s cacao plantation in Sofrière. Tour Rabot Estate, where U.K.–based Hotel Chocolat grows beans for its Purist line (


Best Small Eco-Lodges in Latin America

Best Small Eco-Lodges in Latin America

Milk-Chocolate Desserts

Milk-Chocolate Desserts

PUBLISHED February 2009

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