Canning and Pickling Guide for Preserving Summer Produce

Celebrate summer flavors all year round by preserving peaches, cucumbers, strawberries, tomatoes, and other great produce now with these simple recipes and tips. Plus: fantastic recipes that call for what you’ve stored.

Canning Recipes | Canning How To’s | Use Canned Produce Year Round | Pickling

Bread-and-Butter Pickles

Fantastic Canning Recipes

Preserving Summer Flavors

Canning How Tos


Ways to Use Canned Produce Year-Round

From tangy Chowchow topping all-American hamburgers, to strawberry preserves adding sweetness to Sour Cream Berry Muffins, here are recipes perfect for preserving summer produce now to savor later. More »

Plus: Summer Produce Guide

Saffron-Cucumber Pickles


Pickling summer produce is a great way to enjoy warm-weather flavors a few weeks longer.

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