Buenos Aires’s Top Wine Spots

© Alejandro Leveratto-Ocho7Ocho
Here, six perfect places to sample Argentina’s exciting new wines.

Almacén Secreto

Located in a private house, this restaurant specializes in regional food and wines from Salta in northwest Argentina.

Gran Bar Danzon

At the city’s first serious wine bar, all glasses are served with a small tag that lists information about that particular wine. granbardanzon.com

La Brigada

Meat-centric La Brigada in the boho San Telmo neighborhood is as famous for its beef as for its deep cellar, with 780 offerings. parillalabrigada.com

Parrilla Don Julio

At this insider’s steak house, the list of 300-plus Argentinean labels has lots of bottles for under $20. parilladonjulio.com

Vinoteca de Palacio Duhau

Star sommelier Natalia Escudero pours 200 Malbecs at the Park Hyatt wine bar. buenosaires.park.hyatt.com


A hangout for the city’s young sommeliers and chefs, 878 has a modern Argentinean menu, as well as a quirky list with wines from both emerging producers and big-ticket vintages. 878bar.com



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