Bookmark | International Style

Tetsuya by Tetsuya Wakuda. "Utterly overwhelming," Waxman says. Recipes like checkerboard tuna and hamachi with orange oil lay bare the techniques behind the dazzling fusion cuisine at Tetsuya's in Sydney (Ten Speed Press; $35).

Emotions Gourmandes by Frédy Girardet, in French. With the closing of Girardet's restaurant in Crissier, Switzerland, after 25 years, "people are very excited to have access again to the dishes they loved, like his cold salad of langoustines with apples and Asian seasonings" (Favre; $65).

River Cafe Cook Book Green by Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers. Some 200 vegetable recipes from the great London restaurant. "A crossover that appeals to both professionals and nonprofessionals" (Ebury Press; $60).

La Cocina De Andres Madrigal by Andrés Madrigal, in Spanish. This book of recipes from the chef of Balzac in Madrid "generates an excitement about Spain that in the past only Paris could create" (Ediciones El País; $65).

La Cocina De Los Postres Oriol Balaguer by Oriol Balaguer, in Spanish. An award-winning pastry chef demystifies his imaginative desserts through breathtaking photos, step-by-step instructions and text that gives sugar and salt a chapter each (Montagud Editores; $119).

. Jessica Blatt

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