Best Restaurants for a Crowd: New York City

You’re a movie star. You live with a movie star. And you have six kids. Where do you go for dinner in New York City?

According to Josh Ozersky (Grub Street):

Hill Country, with some of the greatest barbecue (and such gourmet trimmings shoepeg corn pudding and candy-sweet, bourbon-spiked sweet potatoes) east of the actual Hill Country, is the best place for a crowd.

But if the Brangelina 8 are looking for something new, Cabrito just opened in the West Village in May. It’s fun and noisy, it’s got lots of tacos, and it’s so loud, no one would notice six shrieking children there. Plus it has a certain multi-ethnic cache that they might find appealing.

Chinatown Brasserie serves dim sum à la carte, so they could get different ones for each kid. They could get 1 pork bun to share for the 2 baby twins, and then the rest of the children, the bigger they were the more dim sum they could have.

At Charles’ Southern Kitchen in Harlem, they could have one person get the buffet, and just keep filing up the plate with chicken and feed the whole family that way. They could save some money, but it’s also the best fried chicken in New York.


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